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The UK’s oldest tri-service military charity

The partnership of Military Spirit and SSAFA (the Armed Forces charity) is our opportunity to thank and support the services which help to protect and serve our nation. SSAFA provide crucial lifelong support across the entirety of the Forces community. We feel privileged and thrilled to be raising awareness and fundraise to support their invaluable work.


For every 70cl bottle sold on our website £5 will be donated in support of SSAFA

For every 70cl bottle of gin sold on our website a donation of £5 will be paid in support of SSAFA the Armed Forces charity. In addition for every bottle sold elsewhere a minimum donation of £2.50 will be paid.

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SSAFA The Armed Forces Charity

SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity, provides lifelong support to our Armed Forces, veterans and their families. We began our work in 1885, and in 2017 our staff and teams of volunteers helped more than 73,000 people – from Second World War veterans to those involved in more recent conflicts, and their families.

SSAFA understands that behind every uniform is a person. And we are here for that person – any time they need us, in any way they need us, as long as they need us, ensuring their independence and dignity.

Sometimes even the strongest among us need help. When anyone in our Forces family finds themselves in need, SSAFA is the charity they can turn to. Support is there for people at any stage in their military career; from the youngest recruit to the oldest veteran – no one’s service is ever forgotten. We give hope, help and personal support for as long as it takes to get that person’s life back to where they want it to be.

ssafa who we help

The different type of support we offer:

1. Welfare advice and support

Our UK-wide network of branches in local communities and service committees on military bases offer practical, financial and emotional support. We help serving personnel, reserves, veterans and their families with everything from financial hardship to family breakdown.

2. Specialist services

SSAFA’s Forcesline is a free, confidential helpline, outside the chain of command providing advice and information for the Armed Forces community. We also mentor people as they transition from the military to civilian life, help military families adopt, help veterans in the criminal justice system and provide a support service to the UK Gurkha community. All our services are designed to meet the specific needs of the Forces community and are run by SSAFA employees, with support from teams of volunteers.

3. Housing

We offer a range of safe and comfortable housing options, including long-term accommodation for older and disabled veterans and short-term housing for families of injured service personnel and victims of domestic violence.

4. Health and social care services

We provide primary and community health care and social work services, on contract to the MOD in 12 countries, including the UK.

SSAFA’s Forcesline is a free helpline providing advice and information for the Armed Forces; regulars, reserves, veterans and their families. Its independent of the chain of command. Contact them on 0800 731 4880 or online at

“SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity is delighted to be partnered with Military Spirit, through which we hope to raise awareness of SSAFA’s services, providing lifelong support to our Armed Forces, veterans and their families. Our partnership will allow SSAFA to raise valuable funds that will assist us in our continued mission to relieve need, suffering and distress to support independence and dignity within these communities.”
Director of Fundraising Jonathan Sandall